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Release 0.0 - Not Ready for Primetime

Welcome, voyeurs, to the moral equivalent of watching some poor bastard play air guitar in public. You know you shouldn't laugh -- maybe he was just born that way -- but you can't help yourself. Think of it as the Mondo Cane of the Web-At-This-Juncture.

I woke up at noon today and slotted Nirvana into the drive (at least these multimedia PCs are good for something), started the first pot of coffee and checked the mail. Zounds. The subs are pouring in from all over. I wasn't sure what to expect when I put out what I described to a friend this morning as my "ephemeral self-indulgent and frivolous Entropy Gradient Reversals offer."

I've been blown away by the response. Thanks to all of you of the Noise-as-Found-Signal School. Speaking of which, that email I looped around a couple days ago -- currently travelling far beyond its initial targets of opportunity -- is now available for posterity.

As they say at the end of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 credits: Keep Circulating the Tapes!

In my more respectable days (a little retrospective reinvention), I used to regularly appear in the pages of Major Business Publications, pontificating about All Things Internet. But I gotta tell you, this is much more fun. Every one-line message that hits Eudora saying "I Subscribe to Entropy" is a genuine rush. Another chance to lob these pathetic blows against the empire a little further afield. Or maybe just a chance to reinforce the already widespread suspicion that the empire blows.

Teen Spirit

But getting all this enthusiastic mail is a little spooky too. One of you -- with a .gov domain hook, no less -- accompanied his subscription with:
Thanx...this better be cool...
("...here we are now -- entertain us..." Kurt Cobain is singing at the moment.)

Great expectations already, and I was trying to keep them nice and low. Anybody who really knows me knows I disapprove of aggressive competitiveness and all forms of personal confrontation. Just a regular guy. How cool is that? Of course, we will be looking deeply into various forms of Machiavellian corporate politics, as well as offering the latest knife-fighting tips for Getting Ahead in The Wired 90's.

As a footnote to a footnote, I once called Cobain a genius in no less