Entropy Gradient Reversals
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Release 0.02
Beyond High Jive Crypto-Totemic Lipservice

The Search for Terrestrial Intelligence Continues.

Our last issue precipitated a couple lightning-fast unsubscribe requests. Evidently, our "Make Money Fast" section looked a little too much like the real thing (though personally, we felt the P.T. Barnum reference was a fairly good clue to the contrary). That we received only two of these and not 50 reflects the fact (to us) that our PARODY differed little from what people have come to expect on the free-run Internet.

Whatever. <>p In the current issue we blow our horn a lot, fail to adequately express our appreciation to readers (not having even tried), then cleverly segue into exploring a business model that really could end up making EGR subscribers a few quick bucks.

Finally, we speculate briefly on the legality of such models. e

Eccentrics 'R' Us

Overnight and worldwide, EGR is being hailed as the toniest new development in Post-Gutenberg virtual bathroom reading.

In less than one week since the initial announcement of Entropy Gradient Reversals, this list has grown to well over 100 subscribers -- 122 to be precise, though this will likely increase before we can finish typing the next few paragraphs (yup, it did). As word of mouth races through router hubs from Brooklyn to Bangalore and back, the pace is definitely picking up. [by 2003, the total readership was still under 5000, as it has been for years now. this note inserted merely to test how well BBedit can modify and update files via Transmit2 ftp.]

And you are not just any old readers, either. You constellate a broad array of markup-crazed webmasters, hypoglycemic hucksters, burned out writers and bummed out editors, veteran hackers, political flakkers, slightly-less-than-merry pranksters, outright dyspeptics, self-styled analysts, and net-weary corporate wage slaves of every turn and stripe. Make no mistake, folks: this is a BIG demographic we're going after here!

Although we are taking all due precautions to protect your Sacred Right of Privacy (not to mention our unique market niche) -- and thus will not reveal individual subscriber names -- we can tell you in good conscience that this list also includes some Genuine Hotshit Bigshots (you know who you are). Even if you're not yet a Bigshot yourself (you know who you are, too, we suspect), imagine the impact EGR will have on your career as you get to read in Real-Time what the The Industry Movers and Shakers are not only reading, but drawing their best inspiration from. Move ov