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EGR Exclusive Interview with Mr. Ed

Who among us could forget the eponymous star of Mr. Ed, an early television series about a talking horse that kept America on an uninterrupted laugh-track through Cold War saber rattling, nuclear tests, and the country's accelerating slide into mass illiteracy? Except, of course, the millions of Gen-X teeny boppers who have since come to the Internet, virgins to any historical context predating The Power Rangers.

It greatly surprised EGR to learn that Mr. Ed, long thought to have been put to pasture -- or sent to the knacker's yard -- is very much alive and kicking. In fact, Ed (he insisted we call him by his first name) is living in a sumptuous Beverly Hills mansion overlooking the sea, from which command aerie he counsels and oversees much of the global entertainment industry. His mind sharp as ever, this horse of a different color still wields enormous authority and power -- albeit anonymously -- over an empire that is spreading its dark wings ever more rapidly across the affairs of men -- and of course, women (in this case, affairs with women, but as this is a Family newsletter, we have edited out those remarks).

Arranging an interview proved easier than we had anticipated. EGR turned to one of its many Industry Notable subscribers with ties to the cable industry and, after several phone calls, a date was set. We arrived several weeks later at the Ed home not knowing quite what to expect. We were pleased to find the master of the house sitting at a specially outfitted keyboard, humming to himself and surfing the World Wide Web.

Without further introduction EGR offers this historic exchange with the Dark Horse of Interactive Multimedia, as he several times referred to himself in our conversations.

One For Yes, Two For No

ED: Welcome to Ed Manor, Chris. May I call you Chris?

EGR: Oh sure. Very good of you to take the time to speak to our readers. I'm sure they'll be fascinated to hear what you've got to say about the New Media -- I can't help notice that you're currently in the Pathfinder site.

ED: Oh that. Yes, I've been keeping quite an eye on the Web. Who hasn't? This thing caught quite a few of us off guard -- Bill Gates has been pretty forthcoming about that -- but I'm proud to say I saw it coming years ago. In fact, it may surprise you that I was an early subscriber