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Ships In the Night:
The 666 Exit Interview

Entropy Gradient Reversals -- the collective entity formerly known as clocke -- is getting out! Out of the internet.web-as-surefire-moneymaker biz, out of the whole sad software industry, and perhaps most significantly, out of the 666 Corporation (already familiar to readers of EGR Release 0.07). We feel liberated, as if a great weight had been lifted from us.

We'll soon be heading for the hills -- the Rocky Mountains to be more specific -- where we will magically transmogrify ourselves into the Vice President for Business Development of a little outfit so obscure that nobody's ever heard of it outside of a small coterie of individuals so technical they are only let out at night. Displaytech, among a number of other things we could barely grasp, makes really-really tiny hi-rez displays. Think CRT-on-a-chip. Think virtual screen real estate enabling full-motion cinemascope video perched on your nose in the form of modified bifocals that let you surf late-breaking business news with one eye while downloading the erotica binaries of your choice with the other. Think a nation of cross-eyed-but-happy digerati!

...though our new colleagues probably wouldn't have put it quite that way.

As we'll be saying all kinds of laudatory things about this company via other channels (we really were extremely impressed both by the core technology they have patented six ways to Sunday, as well as by the obscene amount of cash they offered for our services), we will probably never mention this outfit again in the pages of EGR. Conflict of interest sort of thing, you understand. After all, we wouldn't want to give the impression that we could be bought!

However, it bears mentioning that a Very High Official at Displaytech has been a charter subscriber to EGR from its inception, and that our latest (RageBoy®) issue played no small part in this mid-stream change of corporate horses. Readers may rest assured that this fine organization, while incurring no liability for our views -- they remain ours and ours alone, as always -- will also make no attempt to sway our balanced and independent editorial judgment. For that, we will continue to rely strictly upon informed industry sources, un