Entropy Gradient Reversals
Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further:
and here shall thy proud waves be stayed.

Job 38:11

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Handwaving Recognition

The Happy First Families
On this Thanksgiving Day, EGR would like to express its gratitude for the fact that America is a such a happy country. Everybody is forever waving to somebody else.
The Happy Mr. Letterman
We wanted to provide readers with some graphic examples of this outgoing goodwill, so we naturally turned to Alta Vista. Many readers may not know that this prodigious search engine can be used to find pictures, whether for purposes of amusement or -- in cases like our own -- plagiarism. All you have to do is specify, for instance, "image:wave AND waving" in your search string. That's how we located the heartwarming photographs above.
Note: Do not attempt this with the so-called "AltaVista Search My Computer Private eXtension," which is a broken piece of crap that simply serves as a loss-leader for Digital's belated and somewhat pathetic plans for world domination -- currently void outside Massachusetts.
While this web-scouring methodology does work, it leaves something to be desired, depending as it does on surrogate text to retrieve the GIFs and JPGs curious websters might want to... borrow. Wouldn't it be better to search for such images by a description of their visual content? For example, the query might specify "happy american raising hand in ritual demonstration of outgoing goodwill" -- which would find appropriate web graphics whether or not they were labeled wave-something-or-other, and also would not bring up so goddam many yacht clubs!

We can assure our Cutting-Edge readers that such technology is indeed on the near horizon, but we are bound both by the unwritten editorial rules governing conflict-of-interest as well as by various forms of legally binding non-disclosure from providing much more than a broad hint as to its likely source.

However -- and here, Gentle Readers, we come inexorably to Our Main Point -- even this form of advanced graphical search would still not retrieve textual instances of "hand waving," wh