Entropy Gradient Reversals
Truth, Sir,
is a cow which will yield such people no more milk,
and so they are gone to milk the bull.

Samuel Johnson

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Milking the Internet



    This Special Issue breaks new ground in several respects. First, we share with you -- hereinafter The Audience -- some of the recent and exciting happenings at EGR World Headquarters. This is covered in the section below entitled Shameless Self Promotion.

Second, we share a copy of a letter we recently received from one of our loyal EGR Irregulars. Although one never knows about these things on the Internet, this document (replicated below) appears to be quite genuine. To our ear, it sounded astonishingly close to something we might write ourselves in slashing parody of the Corporate Weltanschauung. However, it appears that this is a direct artifact of that mindset -- and as such, far better than anything our own meager efforts could concoct.

Please join us, therefore, in a big round of applause for William M. Elliott, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Gateway 2000, a company apparently intent upon public self-immolation. Bravo Mr. Elliott! Well done indeed.

But first, more about ourselves...

Nothing to Hide

Shameless Self Promotion

EGR all of a sudden has a lot of new readers. No more than a week ago, we were wondering if hitting the 333 subscriber mark warranted an issue on Half the Number of the Beast (we decided it did not), and just before beginning this issue we hit 444. This Great Leap Forward came about via events largely chronicled in our Awards, Reviews and Hot Links section, a page we strongly suspect nobody ever looks at. Therefore, partly to get the New Folks used to the kind of abuse you Old Timers have come to expect, we are shoving it right in your face.