Entropy Gradient Reversals

Awop-bop-a-loo-mop alop-bam-boom!
Little Richard

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(white people -- ya gotta love em!)

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Bopp til You Drop

Hale-Bopp, that pre-millennial smudge on the early evening sky, has precipitated no lack of credulous rumor mongering amongst our increasingly hysteria-prone populace. And we scoff at the so-called Dark Ages! Has anyone put two and two together and come up with the inevitability of these sorts of phenomena when people are trained to react to advertising like Pavlov's salivating pooches? Blue Light Special on Salvation in Aisle Four! And next thing you know you're looking down at your dead ass on the floor -- hey, my Nikes! -- and your Subtle Body is doing the Apocalypse Calypso off to another planet. Or... something.

Apropos the Already Realized, if you check out the Urantia Book page, especially its

Slide Show on Revelation
you will learn there that the Planetary Prince's Staff (and we'll wager you didn't even know He had one) consists of Ang, Bon, Dan, Fad, Nod, Hap, Lut, Mek, Tut and Van. As predicted in Hallucinations 12:34, this nomenclature uncannily echoes the logins of EGR's own staff -- Angst, Bong, Dank, Fart, Noodles, Hopalong, Lunchmeat, Mentalcase, Tutu and Vac.

Before you get too excited though, and despite the title, this isn't going to be yet another rehashing of the now nauseatingly familiar God-as-UFO-Internet-suicide theme. How many of these have you read in the past week? Just as TV had its OJ orgy, webheads will have their 39 Demented Demiurges to talk about until the cosmic cows come home. But not us. Nope. However, we would like to suggest a similar manner of departure for a couple companies who've been waving their banners on the web of late. RageBoy® is in the back room mixing up a killer batch of seconal-vodka spritzers even as we write this.

Absolut Downer #1