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Entropy Gradient Reversals

"you can reach but you can't grab it
you can't hold it control it you can't bag it
you can push but you can't direct it
circulate regulate... you cannot connect it"

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RageBoy® Tells All

Entropy Gradient Reversals is just a couple days away from its first anniversary. Funny what stock we put in the accidental periodicity of our particular rock in its tireless circling of that big yellow star whose life-giving warmth and light, whose very gift of vision and the world's immediacy, is always eight minutes old. Other planets take much longer to make the annual pilgrimage; some far less. Mercury, for instance, has pretty much always operated on Web Years, but as the temperature there requires a level of sunblock not yet invented, no one has ever expressed much interest. Whatever; wish us a happy birthday. We are one.

Irrespective of the ultimately inconsequential nature of the occasion -- more probably because of it -- we feel it necessary to do something new, different, mark some kind of departure here. Or embarkation. For starters, we are going to drop speaking in the first person plural. The Royal We has become such an ingrained habit that this may prove difficult, but we are going to try. I am going to try...

Christ only knows why. But then, the same applies to having started this thing at the end of April 1996, which already seems about a thousand years ago. Here's how it happened.

I had been working at IBM not more than a few weeks before I was approached by this guy who was some kind of ranking individual in the company's corporate public relations machine. "I've heard a lot about you, Chris!" Already I was worried. He takes my arm and claps me on the back in that infuriating demonstration of patronizing paternalism that passes for camaraderie among "the guys." Why don't they just cop a feel of your crotch to see how big it is? "Whoa, nice set!" But that would be too overt. Instead they wink and ask if you've been getting any. More than you'll ever see, scumbag. So, you should be getting the impression from this that we were off to a great start.

He wants to do lunch sometime. Where have I heard this before? But in contrast to the usual case, we actually do lunch -- in the company cafeteria. Which, in this particular nook of the IBM empire, tells me everything I need to know about the company. Every time I