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Entropy Gradient Reversals

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First, A Note On The Text...

This issue will certainly strike most readers as a total departure from everything EGR has published to date. Although there were intimations of impending autobiographical backfill in the previous issue, RageBoy® Tells All, that's not what is going on here. Neither does this seem to have anything to do with our usual beat: the computer industry. Do Not Be Deceived.

The following manuscript was produced in its entirety using artificial intelligence techniques developed over the last 15 years in the world's most advanced AI research centers and from specific work on machine translation, computational linguistics, case-based reasoning and automated narrative generation. In developing our system, BOMBAST II (after 16th Century arch-mage Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim), the common sense/world knowledge background was derived from Douglas Lenat's CYC system, first developed at MCC. The generative strategy involved encoding lexicalized tree adjoining grammars with a nonmonotonic inheritance hierarchy, and deployed higher-order logic programming for semantic interpretation of coordinate constructs.

It seems to us that BOMBAST II was only partially successful in creating a cogent narrative that might pass the Turing Test at a reasonable level of expectation. Of course, especially since the widespread popularization of the Internet, willing suspension of disbelief has become a fast-moving target. Experimental subjects are encouraged to read this text as if it were the output of an actual human being, and to report their reactions to the publisher.

Thank you.

The BOMBAST II Transcripts, Run 1:
I Was a Teenage Brain Surgeon

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bob dylan

You can tell Entropy Gradient Reversals is supposed to be funny. Take the name for instance. You could think of entropy as the ou