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Entropy Gradient Reversals

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Flashforward #1:
Tonight on Cary Ling Jive!

Tune in tonight as Cary Ling talks to the enigmatic and reclusive RageBoy® at his never-before-filmed Mayan pyramid command post deep in the heart of the Yucatan peninsula. In 1996, RageBoy was just beginning on the road that would eventually make him the most powerful -- and most feared -- "Spiritual Executive" the world has ever seen. Now, only five years later, he reveals to Cary the secret plan he used to effect his astounding rise to Universal Domination. Don't miss this historic interview! 9pm -- 8 Central.

CL: Mr. RageBoy, sir, it surely is good of you to agree to come on the show, and to invite us into your -- I must say -- sumptuous home here. I understand it is customary to kneel and kiss your ring... [kneeling, kissing ring]

RB: [proffering hand, looking bored] Actually, it is more customary to kiss our ass, but we're sure you'll be getting to that later. And by the way, you may call us RageBoy. Just don't let it go to your head. Did you enjoy our little Geisha enclave? Loosened you up a bit, did it?

CL: [blushing] Well, yes, you certainly have spared no expense on the palatial accommodations. But let's get right down to what brings us here. How did you manage all this? [sweeps hand around in arc as camera pans interior of the RB mansion] Everyone knows who you are today, of course, but you came out of total obscurity just before the turn of the century, and very few understand how you accomplished that. Was it all planned or would you say you were just lucky?

RB: Lucky, Mr. Ling? Surely you know enough about The Teachings of RageBoy to understand that we recognize no such