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Happy Labor Day!

We always thought Labor Day had something to do with Back-to-School White Sales. Imagine our surprise, then, upon meeting Louie "The Tool" Fabrizio and listening to some of his stories. Louie looks to be approximately 600 years old, yet one gets the feeling he is well preserved given what he's been through. We met him at a local park where he was washing his feet in the public fountain. Far from being self-conscious about the state to which he has fallen in his twilight years, Louie warmed quickly to our interest. With his permission, we started the tape recorder. Unfortunately, we missed the first few minutes of his reminiscences, so we begin this transcript mid-sentence...

Louie "The Tool" Fabrizio: ...you know, people who do real work: airline pilots, aerospace workers, bricklayers, bakers, boilermakers, shipbuilders, carpenters and joiners, chemical workers, textile workers, communications workers, electrical workers, farm workers, fire fighters, flight attendants, food workers, garment workers, government employees, grain millers, hotel employees, restaurant workers, letter carriers, locomotive engineers, longshoremen, machinists, sailors, miners, musicians -- the guys who play polkas and stuff at Bar Mitzvahs, not these grungy slacker faggots you got today -- nurses, secretaries, oil-rig roustabouts, chemical and nuclear plant workers, painters, security guards, plasterers and masons, plumbers and pipe fitters, cops, roofers, steel workers, truck drivers, chauffeurs... It goes on and on. Information Economy my serene Illinois ass!

SloanRageBoy: Gotta hand it to you, Louie, that's some list. I never thought about it that way. Reading way too many issues of Sloan Management Review, I guess. But that was a long time ago, wasn't it? I mean, today it's all computers. We live in an Information Society now.

LtTF: Ah, don't hand me that crap! You kids all got suckered by that "management" line. All you white collar punks think you're on the Dream Team inside the inner sanctu