Language is a form of human reason that has its own internal logic
of which man knows nothing.

Claude Lévi-Strauss

Belief is like a guillotine, just as heavy, just as light.
Franz Kafka

Entropy Gradient

Flashforward #2:
The Charlie Rose Interview

Ten issues ago, EGR ran Flashforward #1: Tonight on Cary Ling Jive!, which was set far enough in the future that RageBoy® had already commandeered much of Planet Earth. The current interview takes place a little nearer to the present day, just after RB's first book -- "Cross-Eyed in Paradise: 1001 Ways To Get Yourself Off While the World Goes to Hell in a Bucket" -- had been released to worldwide critical acclaim. Needless to say, Charlie Rose is just a name we made up.

Charlie Rose: "RageBoy"? "Entropy Gradient Reversals"? I hardly to know where to begin. Whatever prompted all this?

RageBoy®: Truthfully? We've always wanted to be interviewed by a drooling hydrocephalic sycophant like yourself, and well... it just seemed the best way to accomplish that lifelong dream.

CR: Ha! I see. But tell us how you came to be known as RageBoy and why you always speak in the first person plural. That Royal We must be offputting to some, is it not?

RB: It is, Charlie. And that's a sad thing, really, as deep down we've always wanted to be everybody's pal. We guess it just wasn't meant to be.

As to the RageBoy appellation, we were given the name at a conference we attended in 1996. In our formal presentation we suggested in fairly strong terms that our then-employer should rot in hell eternally, and advocated that all Fortune 500 companies be immediately torched to the waterline. We still think of it as our Burn Down the Mission Statement.

The first-person-plural thing stems from the fact that RageBoy and his virtuous twin, Christopher Locke, are forced to share the same mind-body dichotomy. It's a complicated arrangement that's tough for most people to fully grasp, though many of the EGR Irregulars suffer -- or benefit, depending on your perspective -- from similar, shall we say... side effe