Bold knaves thrive without one grain of sense,
But good men starve for want of impudence.

John Dryden
Entropy Gradient

Dedicated in Loving Memory of
Alan Meckler
1834 - 1998

I guess this requires some explanation, especially that use of "I" in the current sentence and what follows. We don't usually speak in the first person singular here at EGR World HQ, but you see this was originally written for another publication and saying "we" all the time would have confused the crap out of those other readers. So I changed it. As it turned out, we (i.e., RageBoy® and myself) decided to publish this here instead of there for reasons too complex to go into. Actually, we don't quite understand them ourselves. And no, it didn't get rejected. In fact, the editor loved it. It was just that he loved it so much we figured it might be worth something, so we got jealous and snatched it back. Make sense?

We didn't think so.

So this is... hell, we don't know what this is. From all the mail we've been getting lately, though, we're sure you'll have a theory. Just don't tell us it's too mild mannered. We already know that. But where else were we going to put it? Isn't wonderful to realize that your mailbox has become our personal trash basket?

And oh yeah by the way? This is all true.

Augering In

Just about four years ago -- roughly three centuries by current web tally -- I was brewing up a business with the unmelodious moniker of "Mecklerweb." Now long since forgotten, my plans at the time were first broached in the March '94 issue of Fortune along with news of what the magazine was then touting as the latest "killer app" -- something called a web browser from a redhot startup named Mosaic, soon to be re-christened Netscape.

Mecklerweb was an early web commerce offering and, hard as it may be to grasp today, there was nothing else like it on the Internet block back then. Except, that is, for Global Network Navigator from O'Reilly & Associates. In contrast to GNN, I was targeting Fortune-1000 companies and often made arrogant, disparaging remark