To gain or have understanding of: Do you get this question?

get it, Informal
To be punished or scolded.

The American Heritage Dictionary

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On Getting It

A letter, of sorts, to JOHO

OK, this one requires a little set-up.

If you subscribe to EGR (and actually read it), you probably already know that I asked a bunch of people to say good things about me and, incredibly, many did. Never one to hide my light under a bushel -- not even having a decent bushel handy if I wanted to -- I naturally put these on the web:

While being astounded by this embarrassment of riches (and many will feel I damn well should be embarrassed), I noticed that many of these quotes said "Chris Locke gets it" -- or some pretty close permutation. Only the final entry sounds a slightly different note:

"He not only 'Gets It,' he has the sense to question what 'Getting It' really means."

This was from David Weinberger, longtime friend and sparring partner, and editor of EGR's virtuous twin, The Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization, or just plain JOHO.

David and I got to kicking around what it did mean to "get it" -- and initially we were both of the mind that this expression reflected a potentially divisive Us-vs-Them mentality. However, I started to answer his most recent mail in this spirit and something went terribly wrong, I guess, because I ended up saying the opposite. I can't believe it! The one time I try to agree with the guy, and I mess it up. The results of this botched attempt follow.

By the way, this ramble includes several veiled and half-joking references -- to things like tacit knowledge and the death of the document -- which will make little sense unless you've been following JOHO. If you haven't, there's little hope for you, but here's a last chance:

The funny looking font at the beginning of this is David speaking. The rest is my reply. As you will shortly see, I got a bit carried away.

As VP of [company name withheld] I did a video endorsement (a talking head shot) for [other compan