EGR - Your Personal Psychic on the Web!

Entropy Gradient Reversals is pleased to announce this breathtaking new service on the World Wide Web! For only $9.95 per minute (you are being timed even as you read this) you now have access to your very own personal psychic! If you can answer these ten simple questions -- as honestly as you are able -- we can tell you a lot about yourself. You'll also see just how personal this service intends to get!

  1. How old are you really?   

  2. You're not one of those weirdos, are you?
      Well, I used to be...
      No, I am not in the least weird.

  3. How much money have you got?   $

  4. Have you ever been arrested for exposing yourself in public?
      Need more explanation

  5. When was the last time you ordered something -- anything -- online?
      Supply date: