Entropy Gradient Reversals
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Q1 Report

With our crucial first quarter of operations behind us, this seems an opportune moment to share with our many Valued Stakeholders some reflections on our short history-to-date and to examine some of the modest insights we feel have accrued since the inception of this bold and challenging initiative. Suffice it to say, it's been a pretty fuckin weird three months.

It may interest some to know that we did not intentionally set out to create Entropy Gradient Reversals as a vehicle for multimedia stand-up. We hesitate to admit that we did not think we were being funny at all until we began receiving your many email hoots and catcalls. Quite stung by these at first, we soon came to realize they represented a serendipitous opportunity-in-disguise. We carefully analyzed the passages you told us you found comical, and wrestled with mastering this inadvertent style in subsequent issues.

While we feel we have achieved a certain measure of success in this respect, it has not been easily won. In point of fact, we are seldom amused by anything. We find precious little to laugh about in the senseless squandering of a billion years of evolution. We are thoroughly demoralized by the empty spectacle that passes in these latter days for civilization. We cheered for the aliens in ID4.

In sharp contrast to the way things have transpired, our original intent was to explore a set of issues relating to the Internet and the World Wide Web that we felt were deserving of deeper thought and critical analysis. However, we almost immediately found ourselves in an odd and uncomfortable position. Having been among the first "evangelists" to call for more open access to the world's groaning but sequestered databanks, we suddenly felt like John the Baptist staggering out of the desert -- and into the middle of a Billy Graham revival at Disney World. How could we plausibly continue to argue that The Web was a Real Good Idea, when it was becoming painfully obvious that everybody and her long-lost Uncle had somehow managed to get on the bloody thing, and were already making more goddamn noise than we could ever hope to counter?

One of the pressing issues we therefore aimed to address was: Just who do these people think they are? They have no journalistic training, no editorial panache. They represent a rabble more dangerous to society than the mob that overthrew the rightful monarchy of France, that bit the paternal hand of kindly-if-mad George III. They deliver opinions on All and Everything, yet never s