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what we do is write and get the word out about what you're doing. if we think it's cool. if you seem like someone we'd want to work with. it's a two-way street.

people here are some of the folks we've worked with

influential editors, journalists, analysts, networkers, webmasters, online pals & clients

these are people who took a chance and lived to tell about it. some of them even wanted more. others we've worked with in various companies, or simply done stuff with online. read what they have to say about how we might be able to help you. but keep in mind: we paid a king's ransom for these testimonials, so your mileage may vary...

language rhetoric is good for you

forget about spin

rhetoric is the art of persuasive presentation using words, sentences, paragraphs and document structure. can you clearly say what you mean? more important, is what you think you want to say what you really want to be saying? rhetoric has nothing to do with sneaky tricks and snappy spin. it has everything to do with good writing.

vision simplicity is elegance

this page has two graphics, no javascript, no frames, no bells and whistles

good design doesn't require intense graphics and complex code. more to the point is whether your point gets delivered. page design can help communicate what you have to say, or get in the way of your message. make sure you know what your message is. and keep it simple.

character that doesn't mean you can't take chances

live a little

clear writing and crisp design are not enough. you have to be someone. think about the people who read your pages. will they believe what you say if you don't? honesty is the best policy, but it demands courage. if you want to look like every other company online, find someone else to help your sorry ass.

humor serious business needn't be

lighten up, bunky

just because you put on a long face and use lots of superlatives doesn't mean you're winning hearts and minds. loosen your tie a little before you get an aneurysm. but you're talking to a business audience, you say? last time we checked, even the suits laughed once in a while.

money cut loose some of yours

pay or die

this is the pitch part. get out your wallet. yeah, it works. no, it's not cheap. click the little money button on the left to find out how bad the damage will be. come on, don't tell us you're like all those netheads who think information wants to be free!

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