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Entropy Gradient Reversals

ID4: Gonzo Goes Corporate

So we're pretty soon off to see the fireworks this Day of Our Lord, July 4 1998. But we figured we'd first shoot off this interview, which is the best thing we've got in keeping with the spirit of the day's celebrations. Something about freedom, if we remember correctly.

The following first appeared in "Intranet's: What's the Bottom Line?" a Sun Microsystems/Prentice Hall book by Randy Hinrichs, which also includes interviews with the CIOs and webmasters at SGI, Sun, Netscape and Microsoft.

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Randy sent us a copy, inside the cover of which he wrote:

To RageBoy a.k.a. Chris Locke

So now you're a visionary. Larry Geisel said so and so did I. No wonder you're working on providing the world with glasses to see better.

You have influenced my thinking, impassioned me to rage forward and contributed generously to the success of this book.

Thank you.

Warm heartedly,

Randy Hinrichs

Anyway, that's enough self-effacing humility for one issue, don't you think? Here's how the chapter appeared in print...

Christopher Locke

Locke was founding editor of Internet Business Report and has written extensively on net-related themes for Internet World, Information Week, Byte, Network Computing and the Internet Society's magazine, OnTheInternet. He has held positions with Mecklermedia, MCI, and IBM, and his Internet work has been reported on by publications such as The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, the Economist, Advertising Age, Inter@ctive Week, and NBC Nightly News. Locke is also editor of a highly irreverent webzine called Entropy Gradient Reversals. If you want to know what that means, visit Chris' web site at http://www.rageboy.com.

Randy: You have an interesting background that shapes your visi