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The Industry Standard
Let's Get Personal - 17 September 99
Everyone's a Publisher - 2 April 99
Ticket to Write - 25 September 98
Fear and Loathing on the Web - 9 July 98
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Oh RageBoy! What a big © you have!

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Learning to think outside the box,
"Crackerjack concept," she said,
removing the toy.
RageBoy questioning his sanity.

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Jerry Michalski

The International Post-Dogmatist Group The International Post-Dogmatist Group The International Post-Dogmatist Group

Microsoft took a look at EGR and decided they liked our style. There's just no accounting for taste. Here's the initial proposal we sent them, our first column, our second, and . . . Microsoft Internet Magazine
More Important Than All That, a Happy Reader Writes: Thank you once again for drawing me into the morass of your periodic harangue. Every time I start reading your prose I feel like I am being whirled around in the feculent death spiral of a 3-gallon toilet. I cannot stop reading once I start. It is joyful to experience this.

Another Reader Expresses This Unique View: I like the regular rants and raves, but I hate the interview style articles, especially when they are about RageBoy. Who cares? I like to hear what you think, but I don't care about your personal thoughts.

And a New Reader from the UK Writes: Having had the pleasure of subscribing to your rantings and ramblings for several weeks now, I find myself amazed and a little puzzled. You see here in Europe it is a commonly held belief (one that most people subscribe to) that Americans are largely brash, stupid, gung-ho, insular and ignorant... but especially stupid. I lived in the US for over two years and found nothing to contradict these beliefs. And yet here is a publication that manages to get people to UNSUBSCRIBE on a regular basis merely through the use of language and the transferal of ideas.

You have gained the rare honour of being the first and only recipient of the 'Paradox Cafe European Seal of Approval for the Blatant Use of Subtlety, Grammar and Challenging Ideas in a Mainly US Populated Cyber Environment.'

Tom Craig <>
Paradox Cafe

Finally, Somebody Who (for obvious reasons) Wishes to Remain Anonymous Writes: Your writing is sensational, but I'm not going to tell you that because as we all know you're way too full of yourself as it is.

The Official Invitation
Meet the Editor
The Early Years - We Smell A Rat a rat

"If you can digest all of RageBoy's angry prose, we have some James Joyce for you to translate into ancient Incan."
-Howard Greenstein in Larry Chase's Web Digest for Marketers

"Entropy is the physical force that ensures that things inevitably go from bad to worse. Christopher Locke's out to reverse the laws of nature."
-Rocky Mountain News in citation for
Colorado's top 100 web sites

" a slap upside the head with a chocolate-dipped frozen banana on a hot day."
-Sean Carton on Cool Tool of the Day and
"EGR: Required Reading for the New Economy"
in Who's Marketing Online?

"It's 106 miles to Chicago. We got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses."
-Elwood Blues
and another thing...
...lest we forget The Kontent!

meanwhile, what the critics
are saying about EGR...

"gonzo webmarketing"
the guardian
the gate
edventure holdings
sun microsystems press
"dave barry on acid"
robert seidman
"kicks ass"
low bandwidth
"a joy to read"
"salty and bombastic"
"laughed so hard I cried"
steve larsen
"EGR - [zine]"
www acronym server
"get it, live it, love it"
t@p online
"no-holds-barred, in your face web journalism"
"RageBoy® - web virtuoso run amok"
"hilarious... light, but serious"
netsurfer digest
"figure it out for yourself"
geek nation
"most self-effacing bravado on the Web"
the web magazine
"twisted observations on the net"
"all noise - all the time"
"we think your zine is wonderfully fine"
"gonzo web journalism from the front lines"
"funny rants... clever writing"
that's useful, this is cool
"comedic genius"
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"...the neurotic has problems,
the psychotic has solutions."

Thomas Szasz

" What is the most important for democracy
is not that great fortunes should not exist,
but that great fortunes should not
remain in the same hands."

Alexis de Tocqueville

"The satirist is prevented by repulsion
from gaining a better knowledge of the world
he is attracted to, yet he is forced by attraction
to concern himself with the world that repels him."

Italo Calvino

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