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Christopher Locke    
For a long time, Christopher Locke believed it was important to project a solid and predictable persona. He attempted this on several continents and in many corporations. It never worked. Then he began writing Entropy Gradient Reversals -- and everything's much better now, thanks.
clocke Has anyone suggested Internet-as-sacrament? Interesting idea. But first you'd need to get past all the humorless baggage surrounding spirituality. Maybe it's less fucked up to just get laid via IRC. More grounded.

1. Censorship - Privacy
Is the Net dangerous? At what cost should/do we seek to control it?

Please allow me to introduce myself...

I certainly hope it's dangerous, but the jury is still out on that one. Right now it looks as if it's in serious danger of being coopted by the forces of sunshine and normalcy, and yes, I think we should do everything in our power to control that. I think we should all lobby our congresspersons to make it punishable by hanging to express ideas whose sole intent is to make it appear that any two people are more than accidentally in agreement on any given subject. The Net has always been interesting to me because it was so different from the mass media. It offered something that wasn't happening anywhere else. Now it's beginning to have that deadly look of squeaky-clean sameness. This makes me crazy. I'm doing what little I can in Entropy Gradient Reversals to counter the rising tide of "site sponsorability," but I mean, we only have lik