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Firewall My Ass!

So here's what happened. We were going to do a new edition today. Honest. Then RageBoy came bursting in and shoved us off the terminal. He likes the new Pentium II 266 a lot it seems. And he was all excited about this new book, as you'll see below. He got his name in print somewhere other than some 9th-rate website and he was nearly wetting his pants with joy. He even stuck a big ad banner at the top of the EGR homepage, then went to Amazon.com and posted a book review posing as an IS Professional.

Pathetic really.

Still, this particular episode of mania seemed less potentially injurious to the Fabric of Society than yet another extended reminisce about his acid days, so we let him run with it. Without further ado then, and for what it's worth, here's RB blowing his own horn one more time...

What's the Bottom Line?

by Randy J. Hinrichs
Published by Prentice Hall and Sun Microsystems Press
Available from Amazon.com Books
Prentice Hall blurb
Sun Microsystems Press blurb (much better)
Table of Contents
book cover
as of July 4 1998 the entire interview is online at:

Selected Quotes from the Book...

From the interview with Larry Geisel, CIO at Netscape:

Hinrichs: Who else do you consider visionary in thinking about technology?
Geisel: Chris Locke comes to mind. He is an absolute brilliant visionary trying to push boulders up hills in corporations.

From the interview with Chris Locke, better known to readers of EGR as RageBoy®:

On the Organization...
I'm reminded of an excellent cover story on