of Worlds!

All Noise - All the Time

"st rixter's vision of rageboy relentlessly
traversing the land of entropy gradient reversals"

the artist writes...

well, here it is -- the great & terrible rageboy icon.

a few notes:

our private public relations firm of Richter, Mixmaster, Boggle and Squeem has verified that this does indeed accurately reflect the general public's view of Rageboy.

note the 4-armed pose, vaguely reminiscent of the famous 12th century "Shiva Nataraja" -- the original figure carries in one hand the small but dreaded drum of time, and in the other a cleansing flame of transcendence, but we figure that the ray gun & the crystal ball can serve approximately the same purpose, standing for the vicious temporal binding of the modern scientific view vs the atemporal slack of the ancient & mysterious wisdom, respectively.

note the big round gaijin eyes (not unlike puppydog in velvet painting) that seem to twinkle "I'm user-friendly, dammit!"

on his noble brow he wears the black sweatband of anarchy, bearing also the infinity-medallion of the Zen No-Mind.

his computer is an extraterrestrial IBMoid clone, complete with trinary logic (yes/no/who gives a shit) & both powersource and network connection via hyperspace shunt & dual data input from standard CD on hip & also inconspicuous headset microphone for those all-important impromptu rants, plus 24-hour music appreciation.

the hookah was made in 1313 for the caliph of kadath by unknown artisans. crafted of silver, selenium & uranium, it has an extra "guest" hose for visiting hosers... Note the lotus design of the base section, the handmade gold nozzles, the plush interior, power steering, fine corinthian leather dashboard, and plenty of legroom for the whole tribe...

ultra-casual Life's A Beach® apparel by Mr. Frogge of Phreequare.

frankly we don't know where the hell rageboy got a self-propelled skateboard shaped like a scorpion, but it's just the kind of Magonian flotsam that tends to bob up from the subnatural levels whenever anything supernatural manifests -- action & reaction, we suppose -- it must have some significance. god knows what Freud would make of it. possibly Jung would like it, though.

yer faithful portraiteur -- da rixter

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