History is a child building a sand-castle by the sea, and that child is the whole majesty of man's power in the world.

As soon as histories are properly told there is no more need of romances.
Walt Whitman

Entropy Gradient Reversals

We wrote this about a dozen years ago. It is the germinal seed of Entropy Gradient Reversals, though EGR -- which is what RETICULUM turned into -- didn't emerge until 10 years later. For one thing, the web didn't exist when these ideas were forming. But maybe this helps explain why we were ready when it came along. Some of the language is dated now. Some of the ideas are outworn. Others, we suspect, are not.

reticulum (rî-tîk´ye-lem) noun
plural reticula (-le)

A netlike formation or structure; a network.
[Latin rêticulum, diminutive of rête, net.]

Entropy and Imagination

Reflections on Artificial Order and Accidental Meaning

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Recursive News of an Emerging Community

This is essentially a message in a bottle, cast on the waves of change to be read by strangers an ocean away. It suggests that some of us may have information valuable to the others, though none of us yet has a way to infer what that information might be or to measure its potential value.

Though the people receiving this message have not been selected at random, there is no single theme that unites us. We are audience to each other, as yet unknown. Collectively, we constitute a slice of modern society, a cross section of a crowd. We might conceivably be found gathered on the sidewalk outside a movie theater, discussing, in little conversational knots, the film we've just seen. Perhaps we overhear snatches of each other's conversation, wonder about them for a moment, then decide on coffee or go home to bed. Perhaps we walk down each other's streets at night, occasionally speculating about the life that goes on behind the window with the bare light bulb and the Kandinsky print, or the one with the Jimmy Hendrix poster and the baby grand.

Driven by factors of which we may not even be aware, new communities are beginning to form. This is nothing new; people have always banded together to share or protect some common set of interests. But something