Entropy Gradient Reversals

"your writing really bites"
feedback from an alleged artist

Herewith the second installment of rabid "feedback" -- more like the projectile vomiting of a once fine intellect run amok -- from this fellow claiming knowledge of matters he clearly doesn't understand, and claiming moreover that they represent the views of "the rest of the world." What hubris! As far as we can determine, these remarks relate to our issue On Professionalism. His first spewings follow what follows, if you follow.
Name: Rob Howard
Email: 71154.1232@compuserve.com

TO: Mr. Clocke-Panix
FROM: The rest of the world

What's with all those references to those lame-ass white boys in ZZ Top? What is this, National Retro Week?

If you want retro, why not revisit those hokey movies from the 40s. You know, the ones with a bunch of teen-age kids trying to save the farm and the dialogue goes something like... "Hey wait a minute, guys! Jimmy plays a great piano and Sally can dance, Eddy loves making set decorations and overdone makeup and June gives great blowjobs... so why don't we put on an off-Broadway musical and save the farm?" Well it struck me that you're just the person to ask for an opinion of why our chief executive has interns hanging on his zipper like remoras on a shark's belly (maybe that analogy is more apt than I think).

I ask that because you've either got the regenerative powers of a newt (after all, that was the third pre-frontal lobotomy we gave you in as many months) or that Clocke-Panix lad has been perpetrating all that retro writing in your name. Judging from the weepy tone of the writing (Saint John's Wort won't even scratch through the bi-polar ice floes of the functional psychotic's mind) it must be The Hyphenated Guy got loose at the word processor again.

First he drops those five-dollar words like "catechetical conspiracy" that he learned at that backwater community college when he was a member of the Special Olympics. Pretty soon he'll smoking cigars that cost as much as lighting up a pair of John Lobb shoes (and smell just as bad) and using words like "cthonian" and "apollonian" like a Camille Paglia wannabe. And what was all that shit about "personal incontinence, intellectual vacuum cleaners and moral turpentine?" Cripes, I thought he'd never get to the point.

And I was right... he never did.

I know that couldn't have been you who started quoting Neil Young, as though that Rump Ranger ever had a thought worth repeating. But it was that "Kurt