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Jim Sterne's Review of EGR

Jim Sterne knows his way around web marketing. Here's proof in the form of three of his books you can check out at Amazon:
1999: World Wide Web Marketing: Integrating the Web into Your Marketing Strategy

1997: What Makes People Click, Advertising on The Web

1996: Customer Service on the Internet: Building Relationships, Increasing Loyalty, and Staying Competitive

Here's what he wrote about EGR in the December 1998 issue of his newsletter, Full Sterne Ahead:

This issue... offers up the King of Gonzo Internet journalism...


Christopher Locke is not for the faint of heart. He is a consultant by trade and in that capacity can help you sculpt a corporate identity that properly translates your high-tech offerings into meaningful benefits to potential buyers. More important - he can translate your offerings into a story that serious periodicals will want to talk about in print. But that's just how he earns a living.

The reason Chris is this month's Resource of Note is his rare combination of insight, foresight and an uncanny ability to insult just about anybody and everybody with his prose.

Under the nom-de-plume RageBoy, Chris offers up his perspective on the Internet and the Web in frequent e-mail missives. I recommend reading RageBoy's writings to those who are not offended by strong language, the occasional fictionalized screed, or a constant barrage of insistence that you don't overlook the obvious, the important, and that which is just beyond the perception of mere mortals.

Understand that Christopher Locke is the man who founded the world's fist Internet portal -- in 1994. It was called MecklerWeb and had more business savvy built into its business plan than Yahoo, Infoseek and NetCenter combined. It was simply too far ahead of its time. The proof was its motto: "Fast, Cheap and Out of Control!" Alas, it was just too much for investment types to fathom way back then.